Caught on camera

by Antony Field16 Nov 2021

The public image you present to others is crucial in the world of finance.

Whether you’re a broker, BDM or bank executive, appearances matter. And the best way to look good is to get high-quality photos taken by a professional photographer.

Peter Secheny (pictured left) has worked as a photographer for 25 years and has taken some amazing shots of some of the most well-known faces in the mortgage finance industry for Australian Broker and MPA, a few of which are featured here.

“I often get complimented on how painless and stress-free my portrait sessions are,” Secheny says. “Having a friend or work colleague take your headshot conditions you to think that you are never going to look your best in a photo.

A professional portrait experience should be relaxing and fun. The end result is an enhanced version of yourself, portraying success and confidence.

A strong and professional photograph will create a great first impression when clients see you behind the business.”

Lisa Llewellyn runs PR/content creation agency Llewellyn Communications.

“It’s a well-used term, but it’s a good one – ‘a picture paints a thousand words’,” says Llewellyn. “However, too often good, high-quality headshots fall by the wayside.

“High-quality photographs are a vital tool in communication, whether they’re used in the media, on a website or for social platforms. They are vital to help market your business. It can help you make strong client connections.”

Llewellyn says professional headshots help existing clients feel comfortable working with your company.

“Is the cost of hiring a professional photographer worth the money? Damn right it is. They’ll know how to light, how to frame the photo, and where to position you to give you the best result for how the photographs will be used.”

Photography by Peter Secheny
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